As you age, the tissue in the vaginal region can become lax and dry due to decreased circulation and estrogen. Board-certified OB/GYN Aleksander Bodnar, MD, at Viva Health Group in Clark and Clifton, New Jersey, provides revolutionary vaginal rejuvenation procedures to ease uncomfortable symptoms and restore your sexual health. If you’re experiencing vaginal atrophy, call the office to find out about your treatment options, or book online today.

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Who is a candidate for vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenationcan help you overcome vaginal discomfort and restore sexual health. Peri- and post-menopausal women often experience vaginal atrophy, as well as:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Thinning vaginal tissue
  • Vaginal itching and irritation
  • Loss of tissue volume
  • Sparse pubic hair
  • Vaginal dryness 
  • Atrophic vaginitis
  • Chronic vulvar pain
  • Painful intercourse
  • Mild urinary incontinence (leaks when coughing or exercise)
  • Urge incontinence or loss of bladder control
  • Interstitial cystitis IC, which includes pain during urination
  • Pain in your lower abdomen, side, or groin
  • Lichen sclerosis
  • Low sexual desire
  • Trouble reaching orgasm

If you experience any of these symptoms, talk to Dr. Bodnar at Viva Health Group about vaginal rejuvenation.

How do vaginal rejuvenationtreatments help?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in the form of pellets or creams can help resolve some of these problems, but this treatment isn’t right for everyone.

If bioidentical hormone replacement therapy isn’t right for you, or if you are still experiencing symptoms, the team might suggest vaginal rejuvenation. Women may also benefit from some vaginal rejuvenation procedures following childbirth.

What procedures revitalize the vagina?

Dr. Bodnar offers in-office vaginal rejuvenation procedures to restore health to vaginal tissue. These include:

Platelet-rich plasma therapy

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP, is a newer treatment for vaginal atrophy. Dr. Bodnar creates PRP from your blood with a conventional blood draw. He then spins your blood sample to concentrate the platelets, which contain numerous healing factors. 

When injected into the vaginal area, PRP may heal and restore vaginal tissue to improve your intimate experiences and boost overall feminine health.

PRP stimulates collagen production, too. Collagen is a major tissue protein that adds strength and elasticity. With PRP treatments, you experience increased lubrication and circulation, as well as tighter vaginal tissue. You may also notice improved orgasms and increased sexual desire.

Dr. Bodnar repeats this simple injection once every six months to increase the size and sensitivity of this sexual sensory center. 

Radiofrequency treatments with Votiva

Votiva is a safe, gentle, and effective noninvasive radiofrequency alternative to laser therapy and is a therapeutic device for the treatment of sexual dysfunction.

This treatment allows you to receive temporary improvements in blood circulation, muscle pain, and muscle relaxation. It can also be used as an addition to Kegel exercises, which tighten the muscles of the pelvic floor to increase muscle tone. 

Votiva can help improve your symptoms if you have:

  • Low blood flow and sensitivity
  • Pain sensation caused by labial hypertrophy
  • Low libido and self-esteem
  • Weakening of the vaginal muscles
  • Loosened vaginal canal, especially after childbirth
  • Urinary stress incontinence (involuntary dripping of urine)
  • Vaginal dryness

Radiofrequency treatments deliver powerful heat energy to vaginal tissue to trigger collagen production and promote healing. Treatments also cause the contraction of the tissue lining, so your vaginal tissue becomes tighter and lubrication improves.

Acoustic wave treatments

Acoustic waves applied directly to the vaginal region enhance sensitivity, lubrication, and the appearance of intimate tissue. 

Acoustic wave therapy creates longer-lasting relief from symptoms than any other current treatment. It is a non-surgical, non-hormonal treatment that stimulates the natural regeneration of vaginal tissue.

Call Viva Health Group or book an appointment online today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bodnar.